Yanis Guenane

$> whoami

I am Yanis (spredzy on the internets), I am a Senior Software Engineer at $DAYJOB working remotely from Bordeaux. France. (Yes, where they make the amazing wine).

My main area of focus are automation, testing, cloud and open source. I am always looking for new tools, new patterns to use in those areas. I like to help communities/associations build/maintain open infrastructures.

$> misc

Aside from IT, I consider myself an #avgeek and travel addict. I love discovering new horizons, learn new languages and meet & live with new people.

Oh and as the title of this blog says, I try to lean towards Simplicity, Pragmatism and Minimalism. Posts on this blog will hopefully reflect that.

$> Tell me your toolset and I’ll tell you who you are